The environment and its people

Enjoy great leisure experiences in the direct area of ​​the hotel - water sports, sightseeing flights, golfing, horse riding, cycling, Nordic walking, karting, museums, churches and numerous events. Exciting destinations in the region are the neighboring islands of Amrum and Sylt, the surrounding halligs as well as Flensburg and Southern Denmark.

Water sports & more

The Frisian North Sea air on Foehr awakens inner strength. On Foehr, sports enthusiasts have the choice between many different sports and activity programs. The waves on the beach of the "Frisian Caribbean" are certainly not as high as in Hawaii, but windsurfing, kiting, sailing and stand-up paddling are absolutely demanding on Foehr. The Foehrer Surf Schools offer courses for both beginners and advanced students.


Well-being for body and soul

Living healthy is an important prerequisite in order to feel good. However, this is not so easy in the everyday life. The island of Foehr makes it possible: Whether health-conscious, motion-oriented, wellness-seeking or just stressed out - a holistic health concept offers every bathing and beach vacationer the perfect individual offer to get your body going and to spoil your soul.

The neighboring islands and the halligs act as a shield and protect the island from the rough, stormy North Sea winds. The climate is also favored by the Gulf Stream and the immune system and cardiovascular system are strengthened. The sea climate, the salt-tasting air and the average of 4.6 hours of sunshine per day cause a healthy and balanced atmosphere of the island visitors even weeks after the vacation.


One island, three languages: so diverse is Foehr

In addition to High and Low German, Frisian is also spoken on Foehr. The Northwest Germanic language is already prevailed as the vernacular on the island between the 7th and 8th centuries. Foehr has his own Frisian language, the so-called "Fering" or "Foehrer Frisian", which can be derived from the word "Feer", the Frisian word for Foehr. "Fering" is spoken in everyday life, taught at school and deliberately passed on to the younger generation. On Foehr it is possible that you experience one or the other amazing entertainment!